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Permalink .. i find cosy corners essential in a bedroom, especially if it is your shelter :)
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&#8230;. Ok, this is woodish! wood and vintage are just happily married;)
Permalink &#8230; lovely bedroom, good atmosphere, i&#8217;d like some of this atmosphere in mine:)
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Tornei-me insano | via Tumblr στο We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/80854462/via/undermyeyes

&#8230; hahahaahaha, little girls have clear ideas! :D &lt;3&#160;
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&#8230; Life &lt;3 
Permalink &#8230; A day together: with this crazy ;)
Permalink .. what can&#8217;t you find in eyes&#8230; :)
Permalink &#8230; My favourite colour is blue. I love blue, i find it so fascinating, intense, deep. I would like to paint my hair blue: i know it&#8217;s crazy, and problematic maybe but i just want to do it sometimes. Just to try. :) 
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et pendant que notre monde se livrait à une véritable guerre civil, eux, s’aimaient. (noemilbnz)

&#8230;This photo says everything. :*
Permalink .. I&#8217;ve decided i want to do the deer when i grow up: so, i think you will apologize me if now i go to sunbathe and then i will paint some white stains on my back. :) 
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